Pangolin Systems has a wide range of experience, including the following:

  • Operating system kernel design and implementation
    • Design and implementation of kernels on bare hardware, both uniprocessor and multiprocessor.
    • Design and implementation of user level threads.
    • Implementation of device drivers for bare hardware, RTOS, and Unix variants.
    • Porting of device drivers from BeOS to Linux.
  • Parallel processing
    • Restructuring of applications for parallel execution.
    • Design and debugging of multi-process locking.
    • Optimization of parallel programs with regard to CPU and NUMA issues.
  • Protocol design and implementation
    • Implementation of CDMA-2000.
    • Debugging and extending an implementation of PPP.
    • Debugging and extending an implementation of TCP/IP.
    • Porting an implementation of TCP/IP between operating systems.
    • Development of applications over TCP/IP, IPX, Netbios, X.25, and SNMP.
    • Design and implementation of application protocols.
    • Protocol verification using state space analysis tools.
    • Implementation of UUCP.
  • Embedded Systems
    • Prototype handset development.
    • Linux installation on an ARM SOC.
    • Implementation of SNMP on an RTOS based radio repeater and on an uClinux based network interface controller.
    • Implementation of boot loader for small ARM SOC.
    • Atmel AVR based LED effects control, motor control, and sensor interfacing.
    • PIC32 based relay control with UDP and HTTP interfaces over 802.11.
  • Robotics
    • Implementation of actuator control, including servos, simple DC motors, and stepper motors.
    • Use of machine vision for inspection and for dynamic object tracking.
    • Neural network for specific machine vision task, including data-set accumulation, labelling, training.
    • Implementation of GUIs for control and visualization of device state.
    • Implementation of behavior based control with many discrete behaviors competing for a number of hardware resources.
  • Programming environment
    • Implementation of large build systems.
    • Implementation of regression test systems.
    • Implementation and management of source control and bug tracking.
    • Supervision of development staff.
  • Network design and system administration
    • Design and implementation of networks, including the set up of Routing, DNS, NTP, and IPv6.
    • Design and implementation of network services, including email (SMTP, POP, IMAP, MX, Sendmail), NNTP, web (HTTP, Apache) UUCP, and FTP.
    • Design and implementation of network security, including firewalls, packet filtering, SSL, proxies, etc.
    • Management of network file systems, such as NFS, AMD, and Samba (CIFS).
    • Administration of Unix systems (Linux, FreeBSD, 4.3 BSD, SunOS, SysVr4, IRIX).
    • Supervision of system administration staff.

Pangolin Systems has worked on products in a number of sectors, including:

  • Cellular Telephony
    Handset; base station test equipment.
  • Satellite Broadcast
    DBS system; IP over Satellite.
  • Chemical Engineering
    Chemical residue level identification device.
  • Academic
    Highly parallel research computer; autonomous car.
  • Remote Sensing
    GIS data analysis software.
  • Retail Systems
    Unix based POS system.
  • Financial Data
    Online real-time and historical stock data system.

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